The Athena Project and Coppola Chardonnay make a fine pairing

The Athena Project is non-stop from beginning to end. Classic Brad Thor, but with 4 brilliant, tough, female characters and guest appearances from Scot Harvath. In a world that is still painfully short on strong women in fiction both in print and onscreen, I thoroughly enjoyed escaping to one where women are given the same respect and yes, dangerous responsibilities as men. Further, qualities that are unique to them as women are considered tools in their arsenal and used without reservation as weapons on their missions. Thank you Brad Thor, for these courageous, brilliant, tough women. I can’t wait to see them on the big screen!

Most people like to pair wine with food. I enjoy pairing it with a good book. This one would go well with a good Chardonnay, and since it will soon (but not soon enough) be in the theaters, I’d recommend the Coppola. Happy reading!

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One response to “The Athena Project and Coppola Chardonnay make a fine pairing

  1. Mary Castorina

    What a great combination! Two of my favorites! 😄

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