Game of Thrones includes all 7 Deadly Zins

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Since Season 5 starts tonight, I thought this merits reposting. Winter is coming…and hopefully we’ll see some dragons as well.

7 Deadly Zins is the ideal beverage choice for George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. Like the books, it’s spicy with a full texture. For those of you who didn’t grow up in a conservative Christian home, the seven deadly sins are spelled out right on the bottle. Not only do the players in Mr. Martin’s game of thrones commonly engage in all seven but he may have even invented a couple of new ones.

Martin’s vast world of feudal kingdoms and his expansive cast are complex and never dull. You’ll find characters to both love and hate. Their flaws are often otherwise positive characteristics taken to an extreme, which can and often does lead to their deaths. Fair warning–Martin is not the least bit afraid of killing his characters, even central ones, and he uses death to twist the plot in unforeseen ways. So don’t get too attached to anyone. Sometimes I found myself burning through a book just to see who survives or how a loathed character dies.

If you’ve watched the HBO series but have not read the books, I strongly recommend that you do. This is especially true for female fans. Yes, the books are long, but they provide a level of detail that simply can’t be included in the TV version. The writers and producers of the HBO series have had to consolidate characters and plotlines in the interest of time and budget. They’ve also weakened and dumbed down some of the female characters and included far more nudity and brothel scenes than Martin wrote into the books. Go figure.

However, the HBO series brings the books to life in a stunning, visual way and delivers scenes where you just want to cheer, both for the characters and for HBO’s portrayal of them. Since we’re talking about 5+ books and seasons, you may want to invest in a case of the 7 Deadly Zins. The good news is, it’s a moderate price point and you’ll likely earn a multi-bottle discount. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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