Artemis and 19 Crimes

Artemis, the second book by Andy Weir, is every bit as entertaining as his first effort, The Martian, especially if you’re into any form of science, math, space, or feats of engineering.

A crime novel set on the Artemis moon settlement, Weir’s writing treats us to vivid depictions of what it could be like to live there. Weir’s main character, Jazz, is easy to like and fun to follow. Jazz is extremely intelligent and has a dry sense of humor, much like Mark Watney in The Martian. Unlike Watney, however, she is prone to lapses in judgment that could subject her to her biggest fear–deportation to Earth–and endanger not only her own life, but ultimately put the entire population of the settlement at risk.

19 Crimes wines are named after infamous criminals whose offenses earned them the ultimate sentence–transportation to the Australian colonies. With its fruity and vanilla flavors, appropriate labeling, and price point, I recommend 19 Crimes Pinot Noir to accompany you as you explore Artemis with Jazz and her unlikely allies.

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  1. Mike Shockney

    Enjoying the read – great pairing with 19 Crimes!

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