The Invited and La Crema Pinot Noir are a perfect Halloween pairing

The Invited, by Jennifer McMahon puts a historical spin on the modern ghost story. It’s the perfect Halloween read with a smart, twisting plot and just the right amount of creepy.

Helen, a history teacher, receives an inheritance that enables her to pursue her dream of building a home far from urban life. She and her husband, Nate, find the perfect home site in Vermont and are even more excited when they learn that their land is not only rumored to be haunted, but is notorious for a deadly history that includes stories of buried treasure.

Helen is so intrigued by the legend of the original owner–a young mother hanged for witchcraft–that she buys wood rumored to be from the branch used in the hanging and incorporates it into their new home. In doing so, she unintentionally opens the door to an otherworldly visitor. Unable to discern whether the visitor means harm or needs help, and unwilling to leave their home, Helen draws on her training and experience as a historian to unravel the mysteries surrounding their land.

With its dark red color, smooth texture, and berry undertones, I recommend La Crema Pinot Noir as an excellent accompaniment to The Invited.

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