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Dry Creek Vineyard’s Red Zin Warms a Cold Cold Heart

Cold cold heart pic Cold Cold Heart grips you from the first sentence of the prologue, pulling you into the mind and unrelenting heart of its heroine, Dana Nolan. Although parts of Tami Hoag’s thriller about the sole surviving victim of a sadistic serial killer are hard to read due to their graphic and violent nature, it is even harder to put down.

The details and insight Ms. Hoag offers into the realities of a brain injury add an interesting element to this crime thriller. Also, as the child of a veteran, I especially appreciated her treatment of PTSD and the adjustments and harsh realities many of our veterans face when they return home.

You can’t help but pull for Dana, wanting her not only to survive, but to reclaim herself and what the killer took from her in the process. Somewhere along the way the plot becomes a bit predictable, and I saw the ending coming long before I reached it. Regardless, Ms. Hoag has created a sympathetic and interesting character in Dana, and her dual story of recovery and survival makes for an exciting read. Like a good roller coaster, even though I saw the end coming, I still enjoyed the ride.

This read requires something that will provide warmth and comfort. With that in mind, I’d recommend Dry Creek Vineyard’s Heritage Vines red zinfandel. Enjoy, and happy reading.

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