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The Dresden Files…The Saga Continues

Dresden filesSince February’s review of books 1-4 of the Dresden Files, I’ve continued to burn through them, having difficulty putting them down. This is due in part  to my Kindle, a magical and dangerous device, which immediately upon reaching the end of one book provides a popup offer to download the next book in the series. I tell myself I’ll just download it–I do have other books to read–but inevitably I start reading and find myself sucked into Harry Dresden’s increasingly dangerous world yet again.

As I’d hoped, he’s continued to grow both in maturity and in his magical abilities, which have yet to be fully explored (looking forward to that in books 10-14). While he hasn’t totally overcome his overblown sense of chivalry, he’s toned it down thanks to being surrounded by strong female characters, especially Lieutenant Karrin Murphy, but also Anastasia Luccio, captain of the wardens of the White Council, and Lara Raith of the White Court Vampires.

Wizard Dresden’s dry wit remains, providing humor in the most unexpected places. He admittedly can’t keep his mouth shut, especially in dangerous situations. As the cast of characters grows—some human, others not-so-much—so does the family he’s creating, which inevitably raises the stakes on his antics and involvement. These well-constructed characters are easy to love and only serve to add to the reasons I’m compelled to continue reading. Even with the higher stakes, Dresden is unable to stop himself from intervening to protect the weak and the innocent, the vulnerable and non-magical. You can still find him on Twitter @HarriedWizard and also at Jim Butcher.com.

Due to the nature of Harry’s adventures, a Storybook Mountain wine would complement them well. I would recommend a Red Zinfandel. If you have a preference for white wines, their Viognier is also an excellent choice. You can order them at http://www.storybookwines.com/

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The Dresden Files and Storybook Mountain

Dresden with Hershey

My brother gave me the Dresden Files on DVD years ago, which I enjoyed and was disappointed that the Syfy series wasn’t continued to a second season. So when I recently learned the show was based on a series of books, I couldn’t wait to read them. I finished the first three in a couple of weeks and am in the middle of book 4, Summer Knight.

The magical side of Chicago as created by Jim Butcher and traversed precariously by the city’s only wizard for hire, Harry Dresden, provides endless entertainment through the main character’s dry, sarcastic, and self-deprecating humor applied liberally to a diverse cast of creatures and characters. As usual, the books provide useful detail that was excluded from the TV show. In Harry’s case this is most evident in the extent of his power and the darkness lurking in his past, very near the surface and always inserting itself into his life to complicate his present.

You can’t help but love Harry’s tendency to throw the finger at the powers that be, which have certainly never been of benefit or assistance to him, even when he needed it most. The depth of Wizard Dresden’s self-sacrifice and refusal to ask for help or to inform others, usually for their own protection in his mind, is extreme and can be annoying at times, especially to an independent woman who wouldn’t need or want his extreme chivalry. However, it’s these same characteristics that get Harry into those amusing predicaments time and again.

In Harry Dresden, a man who can’t stop himself from standing between the innocent and the dark powers that inhabit his magical realm, Mr. Butcher has created a character you can’t help but root for, who grows into his power a little more with each book, someone you want to know and understand better, to watch him prevail not only over his past, but over the dark forces he’s compelled to stand against on behalf of the vulnerable and non-magical. If you require his services, you can find Harry Dresden on Twitter, @HarriedWizard.

Due to the nature of Harry’s adventures, a Storybook Mountain wine would complement them well. I would recommend either the Mayacamas Range or Eastern Exposures Red Zinfandel (shown above). If you have a preference for white wines, their Viognier is also an excellent choice. You can order them at Storybookwines.com.

As you can see, Hershey insisted on helping me with this one. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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